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Economic Outsourcing

Successful Case

A large company had implemented an internal operation that involved the areas of administration, tax, accounting, risk and commercial to manage VAT recovery. This operation meant a long process that sometimes led to the expiration of the legal deadlines to request the recovery of VAT, as well as the application of numerous resources. With the implementation of the VAT Recovery Service:
-established a single interlocutor without the need for interdepartmental coordination
-they did not have to worry about the deadlines and negotiations with the AEAT
- they receive specialized professional service with no additional cost
- devote their resources to productive internal tasks

Result: more than €600,000 of VAT fully recovered for our large client improving its liquidity ratio

VAT Recovery

The tax base of this tax can be reduced when the credits are totally or partially uncollectible.

The modification must be made within three months after the end of the one year term from the time of the transaction accrual.

One requirement is filing the lawsuit.

State of insolvency cases: VAT recovery can be requested by means of the issuing the corresponding amending invoices, from the date on which the debtor's declaration of insolvency order is issued, without modification after the end of the month to be counted from the day following the publication in the BOE.

Gesico Managements

In GESICO we offer the VAT Recovery service without additional cost to the collection management service. Managements:

  • 1. Preparation of amending invoices
  • 2. Elaboration of VAT return request
  • 3. Control of legally established deadlines for submission
  • 4. Presentation of the required documentation to the AEAT
  • 5. Reliable communication to the debtor about the rectification
  • 6. Communication to the client of all documents submitted for the internal accounting
  • 7. Resolution of informative consultations carried out by the AEAT and elaboration of the allegations that are necessary
  • 8. Access to all documents through the Virtual Office
  • 9. Preparation of the monthly VAT book (from 10 files)

VAT recovery is complete for the customer.

Insolvency Outsourcing

Successful Case

A large company did not perform any management with the unpaid ones that entered into state of insolvency, since it supposed a high cost to claim itself, in addition to the administrative steps to be carried out in the short terms established by the insolvency law.

Implementing the Insolvency Monitoring service involved:

  • 1- Decrease administrative burden by delegating it to Gesico
  • 2- Recover VAT from unpaid
  • 3- To have the novelties of each insolvency without claiming and with advice to accept or not the agreements
  • 4- Obtain the liquidity corresponding to each insolvency according to the criteria of the insolvency administrator

Insolvency Monitoring

Professional service to communicate the credit in term and to follow the evolution and result of the insolvency during all phases, which can last more than 5 years.

It is not necessary for your company to get involved with lawyers, so we avoid the high cost that would generate.

We currently monitor over 6,000 insolvencies, generating a fluid relationship with the insolvency administrators responsible for management.

Customer bill for collection management: € 150 per file + 10% on recovered (plus VAT)

General: € 300 per file (plus VAT)

Gesico Managements

  • 1. Elaboration of the communication of credits and submission to the insolvency administration.
  • 2. Communication to the client of all documents submitted for internal account.
  • 3. Follow the process until completion, communicating by mail of all novelties (interim report, final report, agreements, liquidation, etc.)
  • 4. Subjective evaluation at the end of the insolvency regarding the viability of the insolvent company.
  • 5. Claim of credits against the mass if the client has invoices accrued after publishing the insolvency in the BOE

Annex: VAT recovery service if the client contracts it without cost.

Contractual Outsourcing

Successful Case

A large company had implemented a service in Spain in 2003 and had not updated their contract since then. We adapt the contract to subsequent regulatory changes, assuming for the company:

  • Include the interests of the Defaulting Law in contracts
  • Arrange a forum to resolve disputes at our client's home, reducing costs for claims
  • Include a clause of deadlines for the revision of the goods delivery, to limit the guarantees granted and the claims
  • Establish a complaints process through the central administration so the commercial complaints are not legally valid

This generated greater legal certainty for the company and the reduction of the costs associated to un-payments and nonconformities manifested by the debtors.

Contractual advice.

  • We analyze with the maximum rigor the external contracts informing the client of the importance and transcendence of each clause in order to provide them with the maximum legal security.
  • We make an assessment of the general sale conditions and legal or economic risks.
  • We analyze the appropriateness of formalizing new deferrals and claim of interests.
  • We guide on the steps to be taken prior to terminate contracts or stopping the provision of the service.
  • We introduce improvements in the legal security of the documentation in the commercial traffic.

Business disputes

  • We analyze the viability of claims on contractual and non-contractual breaches obtaining important benefits for the company for the damages caused and for the loss of profit.
  • We coordinate the procedure for the judicial goods consignment in case of delivery impossibility because of fault or negligence of the client, protecting and improving the rights of your company.
  • We analyze the possibilities of a third party's claim on the contractual breaches of our clients, achieving agreements and reducing the losses of the company's responsibilities

Pre-claim Outsourcing

Successful Case

A large company needed a service that would make their claims before reporting them to insurance. They contracted the service and are satisfied with its benefits:

  • They recovered important debts without reporting
  • By presenting fewer cases to the insurer, the cost of the policy decreased the following year
  • Regarding the cases in which we obtained a debt recognition, the insurer could no longer qualify them as a commercial disputes generating compensation
  • Immediate improvement of the cash flow and increased liquidity in respect of claims
  • Due to our recoveries the administrative area, besides not claiming to the debtors, communicated fewer claims to the insurance dedicating its resources to internal tasks

Claims Reduction

Professional service to claim debts through a friendly way, compatible with credit insurance.

This is ordered to Gesico at least 30 days before the deadline established with the insurer to report the claim.

If we collect, it will not be necessary to report.If we do not collect, we do not interrupt the management that must be done in order to communicate the claim to the insurer.

This service provides immediate liquidity, reduction of internal costs, improvement in the conditions of the insurance policy, ultimately improvement of objectives and results.

Service on success, billing only on recovered, without fees or opening expenses. See conditions without commitment.

Gesico Managements

Friendly claim:

  • letters, fax, email, whatsapp
  • telephone calls made by specialized negotiators
  • resolution of nonconformities manifested by the debtor
  • advising the client as needed
  • payment agreements, within the maximum period granted to report the claim to the insurer.

If Gesico does not communicate payment of the debtor, the client, before the expiration of the period, reports the claim to the insurer without having to consult Gesico previously.

It is also possible to negotiate with the insurer that the party not subject to compensation (from € 3,000) is legally claimed by Gesico.

Administrative Outsourcing

Successful Case

A large company had to reduce the number of unpaid remittances which subsequently led to a significant administrative burden, due to the delay in the payment of overdue installments, as well as the numerous steps to be taken to claim unpaid maturities.

Implementing the Working Capital service they obtained the following benefits

  • 1-A significant reduction in both the present delay period and the future accruals
  • 2-An increase in monthly cash flow
  • 3-A decrease in administrative tasks
  • 4-Improvement of the commercial image of the company since the non-payment due is made by Gesico

Working Capital

Professional service of daily management of invoices due and unpaid with seniority less than 7 days from its expiration.

The recipient perceives that the requirement in payment is claimed from Gesico, with maximum professionalism and extraordinarily care of the commercial image of our clients, for this the "reminder" that they receive for the lack of punctuality in payment belongs to Gesico, exempting our client.

This service is totally flexible, so it allows a design adapted to the management requirements for each client.

Service on success, billing only on the recovered.

See conditions without commitment.

Gesico Managements

Design of the operative with the client adjusting the parameters to its specifications on:

  • the content of communications
  • the number of reminders
  • the intensity of the claim
  • deadlines for response and decision-making
  • the type of feedback report with the result of the steps

Management of accounting impact with the recipient:

  • sent by chosen medium: letters, fax, email, whatsapp
  • phone calls made by specialized managers
  • resolution of nonconformities manifested by the debtor
  • advising the client as needed
  • payment agreements with client authorization
  • continuance of agreements and new claims if breach occurs

Professional collection management

Gesico clients guarantee success

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Bill on success

less than € 3,000

On the amount recovered

More than € 3.000
(Debt seniority)

0-5 months
6-12 months
+12 months

(On the amount recovered)


Gesico Plus
(On the amount recovered)


Gesico Managements

Friendly claim:

  • Letters, fax, email, calls, whatsapp
  • Claims notarially certified
  • Inclusion of the debtor in the Banking Asnef
  • Negotiation and extrajudicial agreements with debt recognition
  • Certified fax, last communication with the possible elaborated demand yet to be presented

Judicial claim (according to feasibility analysis from € 1,500 of debt):

  • Preparation of solvency report on the company / administrator / board of Administrators.
  • Free collection of documentation on your facilities
  • Prosecution, defense in court, execution of judgment, foreclosure, auction
  • We also claim debt, interest for late payment and court costs
  • Presentation of the claim for the responsibility of the administrator if it meets the requirements

Gesico Plus Bill: also includes the VAT recovery service:

  • Control of deadlines established by the AEAT to request VAT recovery
  • Preparation of invoices and presentation to the AEAT
  • Processing of claims to the information requirements of the AEAT
  • Reliable communication to the debtor concerning the amending invoices
  • VAT recovery is complete for the customer. Service without additional cost.

General aspects in the provision of the collection management service

  • The seniority of the debt is calculated from the date of expiration of the first unpaid invoice until the date of order to GESICO, without tranches.
  • The more seniority, the more difficult it is to collect, and therefore the greater the bill on success.
  • We apply the same bill on success if it is recovered in the friendly or judicial phase. The client ensures that we will do our best to recover your money as soon as possible.
  • The bill on success does not increase in any case and for no reason in the whole process.
  • If once the claim is made to the merchant it is necessary to continue the claim with a new claim against the Administrator, we do not increase the bill on success.
  • The trips of the lawyers to the trial celebrations are included in the bill of success, not having the client expenses.
  • If all the steps are taken and we cannot recover the unpaid, or after the solvency study it is qualified as uncollectible, the client does not pay GESICO any euro.
  • If professionals other than GESICO (notary, lawyer, expert) were required, their fees are paid by the client, as well as the judicial fee if necessary.
  • In cases with an entirely favorable sentence these expenses are to be paid by the debtor.

How to follow the evolution of your cases: services without cost

Personal Assistant

Personal Assistant

Any query is answered immediately by telephone and on the same day by email.

Our personal assistants integrate the Gesico Executive Direction and know in detail each case.

If you wish to make inquiries about your cases, we will contact you when we are told to adjust to your availability.

Email “just in time”

Email “just in time”

Your company does not have to worry about obtaining information about their cases, we facilitate it as it happens "just in time". Each email sent to the address you authorize includes:

Explicación detallada sobre la novedad de cada caso

- Detailed explanation on the novelty of each case

- The complete history of actions taken

- The legal notifications and which will be the next judicial phase

Maximum transparency highly valued by our customers.

Virtual Office

Virtual Office

All the communications that you receive via email are registered in your Virtual Office, 24 hours accessible with your personal keys in an agile and simple way. Access to our work system.

It is a communication channel widely used by our clients to consult or download information (history of proceedings, legal notices, VAT recovery invoices, court fees, etc.), to extract reports with updated data or to send us forms for the cases to claim.

Monthly Report

Monthly Report

From 10 cases in judicial management we send a report in Excel and PDF with files status.

We detail all the unpaid in management indicating:

Classification / definition according to friendly or judicial claim

Evolution of the recoveries volume by comparative chart for quarters and cases paid

We adapt the report to the needs of each company

Main Cases

Main Cases

We also elaborated a report with the main cases by amount for portfolios with a high volume of unpaid bills.

We detail:

friendly or judicial / recoveries on date

brief summary of the current status and future steps to be taken

We adapt the report to the needs of each company



Gesico Management contacts the day that your company has availability and with the frequency you wish to hold a videoconference or call conference on the status of the cases.

We have previously sent a report on the agenda that your company needs in order to discuss it during the videoconference.

Subsequently we send a briefing or executive summary.

  • Scoring Gesico
  • VAT Recovery
  • Daily Control of insolvencies
  • Merchant Advice
  • Commercial Business Image
  • Non-conformities of debtors
  • Process management and lawyer fees
  • Documentary management of debt
  • Management of the internal risk of the unpaid
  • Legal security of your business documents
  • Conference "The risks of digital communications"

Services at no cost

We offer additional services at no cost to our customers, as an added value to the collection management it is provided:

  • A decrease of administrative burden
  • A reduction of internal costs
  • A protection against future expenses

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