Win to win

Professional collection management to success


Friendly claim professionalized by sectors

It is not the same to claim a distribution contract than the defects in a construction

Previous research on the debtor's solvency

To hide the patrimony to Gesico is not easy

Leaders in administrator responsibility

Monitoring is not the solution because it is slow and ineffective

Friendly claim professionalized by sector

  • Claims starts in 24 hours with more than 10 contacts with the debtor
  • Managers specialized by sector and according to the debtor profile
  • High professional qualifications in the resolution of non-conformities
  • Inclusion of the debtor in the Banking Asnef (Equifax)
  • Free merchant advice when the client needs it
  • 30 intensive days of friendly claim
  • We enter into agreements with debt and / or guarantees
  • The debtor receives claims notarially certified
  • Billing on success on the amount recovered, without initial costs

Previous research on the debtor's solvency

At Gesico we maximize the possibilities of collecting each claim, investing in a totally personalized study the solvency of the company and / or administrators / board of directors:

  • Liquidity and goods subject to embargo
  • Negative incidents with public bodies
  • Relationships / positions in other societies
  • Analysis of accounting and fiscal ratios
  • Ratings of Credit Companies
  • Location of administrator assets in other companies

Depending on the result, we establish the viability, legal strategy and type of demand to be presented.


If the result of the report is negative, we do not bill any cost to the client, closing the file.

Leaders in administrator responsibility

The Administrator / Board of Directors are jointly and severally liable for the debts incurred by the company. Under art 241 y 363 Ley de Sociedades de Capital

In Gesico we are leaders in the sector with more than 2,000 favorable sentences and more than 3,000 agreements closed before trial due to the solid legal foundation

Likewise we transform unpaid sentences against debtor companies in administrator responsibilities

We present the demand to success in just 30 days after receiving the documentation proving the debt and the registration reports

We only bill if the amount claimed is recovered.
We rely on our work and effective experience.

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